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OGC Mind Mesh! Exploring the Future of Diversity and Communication

OGC Mind Mesh! Exploring the Future of Diversity and Communication

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September 26th (Tuesday), 2023 | 19:30-20:30 (JST) | Online Discord 

In a global society like today’s world, opportunities to work alongside people with diverse backgrounds are increasing in conjunction with technological advancements, transcending borders, cultures, and values. This diversity holds the potential to generate new ideas and innovative solutions, becoming a significant strength for companies and teams.

However, communication with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds often comes with friction and misunderstandings. Factors such as language differences, gaps in values, and variations in communication styles play a role.

What our communities and organizations aim for, both for us and everyone involved, is a state where individual potential is maximized, and positive mutual influence is possible.

In this event, speakers will introduce specific instances of friction and misunderstandings they have encountered in diverse teams and organizations in the past. We will discuss the methods available to understand each other better.

Rather than avoiding the challenges of communication, we would like to explore approaches and mindsets that involve facing them together while encouraging one another.

  • 19:30: Opening
  • 19:40: Presentation 
  • 20:00: Q&A 
  • 20:30: Closing

Guest Speaker Profile

 LINE Corporation Masahiro Kamata 

Masahiro Kamata has been an active software engineer for over 10 years in various fields, including embedded systems in manufacturing, developing in-house web services for mega ventures and startups, and conducting research on VR headsets. He has held positions such as Development Department Manager and VP of Engineering, and currently, he is dedicated to maximizing the outcomes of development organizations, both large and small, as an Agile Coach at LINE Corporation.

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