We are a changemakers' community

Our community started up in late 2022 and we are actively growing!

Why we're here

Welcome to One Global Community, a diverse and globally-minded network on Discord, brought together by a shared mission.

Our Mission: We come together to foster cross-cultural understanding, accelerate impactful projects, and address social challenges. Leveraging our diverse skills and experiences, we strive to propel the world forward.

Community Benefits: As a member, you unlock resources to bring your ideas to life, foster personal growth, and seize the chance to make a positive impact.

3C Commitments: We commit to create, contribute, and collaborate to accomplish extraordinary goals. Join us in our endeavor to build a better world.

  • Come join us today if you are:

    • An individual passionate about making a positive global impact
    • A creative thinker eager to collaborate on innovative projects
    • A problem-solver looking to utilize your skills and experiences for societal advancement
    • An advocate for cross-cultural understanding and international collaboration
  • Aki

    Started his professional music career as a sitar player in his twenties, based in India and Berlin. Returned to Japan after spending time in Israel. After starting his own business, joined Shopify Japan as a founding member.

    Currently leverages his experience as a musician, entrepreneur, and leader at a global company to work as a coach to support individuals to overcome challenges.

    Completed the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Expert Course in 2022.

  • Keisuke

    Former employee at a major Japanese corporation, now embracing life in Ireland.

    Wheelchair traveler who's explored 40 countries and counting.

    Currently supporting e-commerce businesses at an international tech firm, while also venturing into import/export and managing vibrant communities.

  • Takuto

    Video artist born in 2001.
    Discovered photography and filmmaking at the age of 11.

    At 17, worked with non-profit organizations and projects in India creating documentary films.

    Received awards at short film festivals such as "FFF-S" and "Shibuya TANPEN Film Festival." with their films screened in a theater in Shibuya and aired on TV.

    Involved in promoting street brands in the Shibuya area and works as a photographer for a racing team.

  • Amy

    Born and raised in China, residing in Japan for 15 years.

    Previously worked in strategic sales in the automotive-related industry in the Greater China region, gaining insight into both Chinese and Japanese markets and corporate cultures.

    Currently works for a multinational e-commerce company. Embraced a digital nomadic lifestyle two years ago, and also an outdoor rock climbing enthusiast.

  • mAL

    Leads the global mobility-related software development business for a major domestic electrical appliance manufacturer in Japan.

    With over 8 years of overseas experience in Georgia, USA, and Stuttgart, Germany, known for managing diverse international teams.

    Also contributes to regional revitalization projects and plays a pivotal role in various community activities related to web3 technologies like DAOs.

  • Marine

    Works as a Technical Account Manager at a global tech company while studying Computer Science at a UK university.

    Former ski instructor and nature tour guide in the mountains of Nagano, Japan.

    International school graduate with experience living in Japan and England; fluent in English and Japanese.

  • Mariana

    Born in Brazil and came to Japan at the age of 13. At the age of 22, embarked on a journey to Southeast Asia ultimately opening a restaurant in Thailand.

    After returning to Japan in 2019, joined WeWork Japan. Was responsible for event planning and community management, fostering connections between startup companies and large corporations at the Harajuku location.
    In 2021, joined Shopify Japan and currently enjoys a semi-nomadic lifestyle, taking advantage of the remote work system.

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