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OGC Mind Mesh! Insights from a Professional Soccer Coach on Global Challenges

OGC Mind Mesh! Insights from a Professional Soccer Coach on Global Challenges

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November 6th (Monday), 2023 | 19:30-20:30 (JST) | Online Zoom 

In today's business landscape, the need for expanding beyond Japan and engaging in diverse activities abroad is becoming increasingly evident.

While venturing into the competitive European realm has become quite common in the world of professional soccer, what's noteworthy is the recent surge of Japanese players not only taking on the challenge but also making a significant impact, garnering attention and acclaim.

Business and soccer may seem unrelated at first glance. However, the process of immersing oneself in a foreign land, extracting one's potential amidst diverse cultures and value systems, and achieving success, seems to share common ground between the two.

The question arises: What skills and mindset are required to become a globally recognized talent? To explore this, our upcoming event features Yusaburo Matsuoka, the former goalkeeper coach of Germany's Bundesliga VfB Stuttgart and the current head goalkeeper coach for a J-League team. Through his unique experiences, will delve into the secrets of how Japanese individuals can navigate and thrive in diverse global environments.

We will also delve into Germany's remarkable talent development and uncover the behind-the-scenes of Japanese soccer players excelling internationally. 

Join us for an exciting exploration of global success, diverse experiences, and thriving in a multicultural world!

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