• Connecting people across the world via Web3

  • Our community fuels innovation by utilizing the exciting world of Web3 technologies. OGC is an autonomous community and maintains transparency and equality by adopting a DAO framework.

  • What is Web3 and why do we use it?

    Web3 (Web 3.0) is an open, and transparent form of the internet that uses blockchain technology and decentralized networks to create a more online platforms and data. Web3 gives individuals more control over their personal data, privacy, and digital identities, while allowing for direct peer-to-peer interactions.

    One Global Community uses Web3 in order to create a supportive environment where members can equally share their knowledge, learn, collaborate on projects that make a global impact.

    Our community is non-hierarchical and uses DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) as a community framework. DAO provides us a means to collaborate, coordinate, and make decisions in a fair and transparent manner.

  • Join us today!

    We invite you to join the One Global Community server on Discord to learn more and to help us create and support exciting, internationally-impactful projects with us. Community members on Discord can freely communicate with each other, work on projects, gain new skills, and more. All are welcome to connect with us!