OGC Mind Mesh! AI Era and Web3: New Organizational Forms in the Age of Mass Layoffs

June 28th (Wednesday), 2023 | 19:00-20:00 (JST)

Online Zoom 

It is said that 40% of white-collar jobs will be replaced by the evolution of AI, leading to a significant transformation in our working environment.

These rapid changes have sparked several important questions:

  • Will long-term employment remain secure?
  • What is the meaning of “work” in the AI era?
  • What precisely defines "work" and how will its meaning evolve?
  • What is the significance of compensation and social security within the realm of employment?
  • Can a stable life be established through alternative avenues beyond traditional employment?

In the first part, we will discuss the concept of a life portfolio to make this significant era of change a positive one for us. Presentation by Aki Ueda (OGC member).

In the second part, Mr. Shouhei Ikeda will talk about the challenges and possibilities of diversity and decentralized organizations from the perspective of a labor consultant.

In the third part, we will explore the attractiveness of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and discuss the new forms of organizations in the age of AI. Together with the participants, we will engage in discussions about the changing relationship between companies and individuals and the positions of employers and employees, and consider the possibilities brought about by decentralized organizations.

Speakers Profile

Aki Ueda

At the age of 19, Aki embarked on a journey across various parts of the world, where he developed a deep fascination with the sitar while in India. At 25, he began his music career in Berlin, actively participating in diverse events and productions throughout Europe. Upon returning to Japan, he immersed himself in music production, event planning, and even worked as a distributor for a U.S. earplug brand. Later, he joined the launch of Shopify's Japan division, contributing significantly to its growth within the country. Drawing upon his background as a musician, entrepreneur, and multinational corporation manager, he ventured into coaching to support individuals embracing new challenges. In 2022, he successfully completed the ICF certified expert course and established One Vision and Design, a dynamic coaching and consulting service. Since late 2022, he has actively participated as a founding member of One Global Community, an innovative decentralized organization leveraging Web3 technology.

Shouhei Ikeda

After graduating from Osaka University's Faculty of Human Sciences, Mr. Ikeda joined a comprehensive construction company that is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market in 2013. As a new employee, he was assigned to the HR department. In this role, he was responsible for managing wage and performance evaluation systems, overseeing overall personnel management including regular transfers, and implementing self-directed HR initiatives like remote work and flextime. In 2022, he established the MOTO Labor and Social Security Office. Currently, he balances multiple roles as an employee, the representative of a labor and social security office, and a coach. He excels in engaging in dialogue with management, adeptly formulating talent strategies aligned with business operations, conducting comprehensive labor health assessments for companies, and providing valuable support to enhance employee engagement.


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